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From Darkness Into Darkness



Installation by Serafine1369 | Collaborations with Josh Anio Grigg, David Panos, Shelley Parker | Studio Augmenta, Hydra

Tate Britain

September 2021

Death of England: Delroy



Images: Video captures

Play by Roy Williams & Clint Dyer | Director Clint Dyer | Actor Michael Balogun | Design Sadeysa 

Greenaway-Bailey & ULTZ | Sound Pete Malkin & Benjamin Grant 

National Theatre London

November 2020

Death of England






Images by Helen Murray

Play by Roy Williams & Clint Dyer | Director Clint Dyer | Actor Rafe Spall |  Design Sadeysa Greenaway-Bailey & ULTZ | Sound Benjamin Grant & Pete Malkin

National Theatre London

January 2020

No-How Generator


Creation and performance Matthias Sperling | Performance Katye Coe
Lighting and space design Jackie Shemesh | Producer Iris Chan | Programming Miguel Figueiredo

Nottdance Festival Nottingham

October 2019